A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Tanya Sturges, The Female Career Confidence Coach. Here’s a little bit more information about me…

✔️ I’m a fully qualified coach, which means I have undertaken training, experience and a period of assessment, in order to equip me to do the work I do.

✔️ I’ve studied psychology at degree level giving me an understanding of the theory of how the mind works – which means I know my stuff!

✔️ Prior to coaching, I worked in HR, recruitment and leadership roles.

✔️ Having conquered my own mental health battles, I am passionate about mental health and emotional wellbeing.

“When I started my journey to become a coach, I told myself if I could make a difference to the life of just one person it would be worth it. Four years later and I’m changing lives daily. It’s the most rewarding career and I truly love what I do”.

Tanya Sturges

Some Interesting Facts

✔️ I’m from Scotland originally but have lived all over the UK, including Leeds and London and Manchester where I now reside.

✔️ I live with my cat Gizmo. He is named after the gremlin because if he eats too much late at night, he goes crazy!

✔️ I love pizza, cake and chocolate … basically all the good foods!

✔️ I cannot swim!

✔️ I am a Foster Mum

Why Choose Me As Your Coach

My clients tell me they choose me because I’m relatable. I don’t pretend to be perfect because I’m not – nobody is.

I teach my clients that all emotions are valid, and that ups and downs are a normal part of life. I’ve been there, and I’ve come through the other side. I get it and I understand.

I’m not a ‘woo woo’ type of coach either. My coaching style is supportive and collaborative, but most of all it is solution-focused and action-orientated. We don’t just talk about stuff (although there is quite a lot of talking), I help you find solutions, take action and move forward.

Just some of the words/phrases clients have used to describe me are: honest, down-to-earth, easy to open up to, an excellent listener, sensitive, friendly, warm, encouraging, kind, knowledgable, authentic, supportive, calm, professional and inspirational. Read more in the testimonials below …


My Professional Bio

I trained as a transformational life coach with the Animas Centre for Coaching, the world’s leading school of Transformational Coaching, accredited by the globally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF).

In 2019 I partnered with a company called YB12 Coach, part of Life in Balance Careers Ltd. YB12 Coach is one of the biggest providers of coaching and training services in Australia and they have created a wealth of psychology-led, presentations, training courses, workshops and personal development programmes. As an authorised YB12 Coach and Life in Balance Careers, Performance Consultant, I am authorised to delivery their programmes to my clients.

I have the necessary professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

My Coaching Techniques

As a qualified coach I have a toolkit of resources that I call upon within my coaching sessions. The exact tools I use with each client vary depending on the issues that arise and where our conversations take us during our sessions but typically, I will use a 50/50 blend of conversational-based coaching (talking about stuff) and structured-based coaching (taking action and finding solutions).

All the tools I have in my toolkit are based on psychological theory. Here is an example of some of the psychological theories:

Person-centred therapy: This assumes that the client is not broken, but instead they are not living effectively in their life in some way. The aim of this approach is self-growth, self-actualisation and helping clients reach their potential.

I use person-centred therapy to help clients create a picture and plan a journey of how they can get from where they are now to where they want to be. This theory is based on the assumption that the client knows the answer and that they have a choice. It’s a form of conversational-based coaching to help the client find clarity and focus and to identify their own solutions.

Narrative coaching: Narrative coaching is based on narrative psychology. It looks at the stories clients are telling themselves and what they believe to be true about themselves and the world around them.

Perceptual positioning is a technique within narrative coaching which I use to help clients look at events and their beliefs from a different perspective. The overarching aim of this technique is to help clients revisit, reshape and redefine the narrative they tell themselves so that their paradigm (view of themselves and the world around them) can change. In practice, this can be used to change a clients view that they ‘are not good enough’, or ‘are a failure’, by helping them to look at the situation differently and from another perspective.

Cognitive behavioural coaching: Cognitive behavioural coaching is based on cognitive behavioural therapy and looks at how we think, feel and act. It’s based on the premise that we have control over what we think and that if we change what we think, we can in turn change how we feel and how we act.

Transactional analysis (more commonly known as TA): TA explores a client’s relationships with others and their emotional response, communication and behaviour.

It looks at why we behave the way we do and how we can change the way we behave (For example, how we can change our emotional response, communication style and behaviour to be more confident holding difficult conversations or presenting in public). 

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