Coaching without the ‘woo-woo’ or the toxic positivity!

There are a variety of ways you can work with me, but whichever option you choose rest assured that I’m a down-to-earth and realistic coach.

There is absolutely zero ‘woo-woo’ coaching here. My approach is supportive, yet solution and action-focused. I am here to get you results.

Just some of the reasons my clients reach out to me for coaching:-

  • For help getting past a knock-back at work such as redundancy, dismissal, bullying or unfair treatment
  • For help building their self-confidence and getting rid of those crippling doubts, fears and negative thoughts holding them back
  • To get clear on their life, career or business goals and what action they need to take to achieve them
  • For help, support, inspiration and motivation to launch their own profitable business
  • To get ready for a new job or promotion
  • For help tackling imposter syndrome, procrastination, perfectionism or any other unhelpful thinking patterns or behaviours
  • To find their purpose, their true identity and to learn to live a life as the perfectly imperfect, truly awesome, woman that they are


  • 60-minute POWER HOUR Coaching Call £149
  • Intensive One-to-One Coaching Programmes from £1250
  • Group Programme (coming soon) £444